Each year CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) offers companies like ours education and training opportunities as well as opportunities to see what the latest and greatest in our industry is.  At these conferences we have our installers certified so that they have the greatest amount of knowledge in their jobs so that you get the best possible installations. 

This year CEDIA came up with a Top Ten List for you, the homeowner, to help you make the smartest decisions when making purchases for the electronics to put in your home.  I thought you might like to know what that list included. 

#1 – Wire for everything now – even wireless!

#2 – Insist on integrated systems

#3 – Integrate lighting and heating control

#4 – Think with your wallet, but lead with your head

#5 – Buy an experience, not a box

#6 – Simplify your controls

#7 – Increase your expectations

#8 – Think “Green”

#9 – Ensure the experts work together for you

#10 – Consult a professional

This is by no means the full article that CEDIA put out and if you would like a copy of the full article including further explanations for the top ten list items, please just contact us and we would be happy to send you that full article to read.