Digital has become the most used form of music media for casual and hardcore listeners alike. Some listeners, however, still say that digital music media can’t compare to the quality that analog sources can reproduce. CDI Services would like to introduce you to a few products that may disprove that argument. These products do so well, even the audiophiles will have to yield and simply enjoy the music.

I consider DACs essential and I tell everyone who will listen why I think so. But it’s not lost on me that most people will never buy a DAC because their music sounds just fine and hey, they don’t really need one. I feel sorry for these people.

Before we get into the review, let’s look at why you might want a DAC at all. When you listen to music that comes from a digital source, eventually it will be converted to an analog signal (soundwaves). You can’t hear digital. A DAC is what performs this conversion. So your iPod, Computer, Soundcard, iPhone, BluRay Player or whatever you plug your devices into has a DAC. OK, then why would you want to spend extra money on a DAC if you already have one in your digital device? That’s easy: Quality.

Music sounds better using an external DAC, period. The DACs used in iPods, sound cards, etc., are relatively cheap. They get the job done and if your music collection consists of lower resolution – 128kb or less – MP3s, save your money. If you have higher resolution files in other formats, such as FLAC, AAC or WAV, then a good DAC can bring out more information. Cymbals can shimmer, bass notes will be crisp instead of muddy, emotion from vocals will sound intimate and involving. DACs take what’s there and make it “more.”


Hegel Music Systems brought their line of products into the US a few years back after a very successful 20+ year stint in Europe. Their list of credentials is vast, but let us focus on the topic at hand – DACs. They carry multiple converters ranging from $350 upwards of over $2000. For even the modest music listener, it truly is one of the least expensive ways to add a substantial performance increase to your system. One Big advantage of the Hegel Systems DACs is the USB connector on the DAC itself. It allows the listener to directly connect a computer to the DAC and enjoy your entire digital music library! In an upcoming Blog, we will discuss high resolution music and a few recommendations for all the music fans out there! Stay Tuned!