Consumer networks were never designed to handle the high demands of audio/video environments at the modern home or business. This results in poor wifi, data loss, frequent reboots, product failure and more on-site service calls. There is a solution, Pakedge has found a way. With custom designed home network systems, you can achieve the following:

Clean A/V Media Streaming – Streaming media is Jitter-free

Great wifi Roaming – Wireless Access points allow great roaming for touch panels, tablets, and wifi phones

Longer system up-time – These products are enterprise grade, reliable and stable, thus resulting in longer system up-time

Crystal Clear Surveillance – Pakedge provides clear IP Camera video images and sound

Flawless IP Telephone Conversations – Preconfigured products for the best VOIP communication.

Every consumer has had the joy of resetting their consumer grade router, seeing streaming video pause and/or reduce resolution, and have had slow wireless speeds. In todays day and age, we are using our networks far more than even 2 years ago. With all of our portable devices, audio and video products that connect to the internet, streaming and sharing media and music, and all the activities we engage in daily, our networks need to be more robust and designed to handle all of these tasks.

With a vast array of solutions from routers, switches, and WAPs, Pakedge can enhance and strengthen your network for years to come.

Victor Pak, President and CEO of Pakedge, noted: “We are honored to receive the industry’s first-ever U.S. patent for an in-ceiling wireless access point. The patent reflects Pakedge’s commitment to offering innovative, problem-solving products that make life easier for custom installers and system integrators.”