Well it is clear what the hot Christmas / holiday item is going to be…Kinect for Xbox360.  So the question is, how do you integrate it? The new Kinect and Xbox 360 package only comes with a 6 ft. cord. This is great for most of America who has all of their gear immediately below the display. But what about your high-end custom home theater system where all the gear is remotely located?

Well, here is what you need to do. If you have an older Xbox360 and you purchased a new Kinect kit to add on to it, the solution is pretty simple. You will need to purchase a USB 2.0 extender that extends the feed for the Kinect over a run of Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable.  Extenders are available through CDI Services or on the web. This will allow you to place your Kinect at your home theater’s projection screen (or display) and feed the Kinect back to your equipment area or closet where the Xbox360 lives. Keep in mind that the Kinect needs a separate power supply that plugs in near the Kinect in the front of the room (this is included when you purchase a standalone Kinect controller).

Now if you have a newer Xbox360 that comes with the Kinect device, you will need to use the USB extenders and also order a power supply from Microsoft. Since the new Xbox360 includes a special Kinect port that powers up the Kinect Controller, they do not include the power supply.

 So what is the other consideration for integrating Kinect into your high-end home theater or screening room? SPACE! The Kinect controller requires that you are within a 6-8 foot range of it. This is a pretty unforgiving specification and there are really no workarounds that I have uncovered. So if your first row of theater seating is in the way, you will need to move it. This will be a major consideration for us as we plan future home theater designs.

If you have any additional questions about integrating Kinect into your high-end gaming room, home theater system, or media room and need some help with the planning and design, feel free to give us a call at 720-515-6333 for a little assistance.